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Inverter plasma cutter AA-WD40

  • AA-WD40



Plasma cutting equipment is a new equipment,adopting advanced inverter technique.It can cut steel,stainless steel,aluninium,copper and so on.The equipment features its vivid cutting rim,high effective cutting and clean.It also can cut down the bad part of the car without destorying the intact part.The cut incision is narrow and flat.And the panel wonn't be distorted.The equipment is very companct and light.



Model AA-WD40
Voltage 220v/1ph
Electricity powerHZ 50hz
Current input:A 21.8
Current outputA 40
Output voltageV 96
Out voltage adjustment range:A  10-40 
Empty load consumingW 40
Load continuation rate % 60
Power coefficient 0.93
Max weld/cut thicknessmm 12
Effiency% 85
Sheel protect grade IP21
Insulate grade F
Weightkg) 9
Overall sizemm)   371*153*232


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