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Spray Booth AA-SB603(6.9m*4m*2.8m)

  • AA-SB603


◆Outside dimension:7000×5560×3430mm(L×W×H);
◆Inside dimension: 6900×4000×2800mm(L×W×H);
◆Front door dimension: 3000×2700mm(W×H);
◆Working door dimension: 800×2000mm(W×H);
Cabin system:
1) Wall panel:  50mmthick flame-resistant and heat-preserving EPS board; 0.426 thick colored steel.
Roof panel: galvanized sheet;
2) Basement: steel structure base; two line grilles, three diamond plates; inside ramps; height is280mm; two ramps;
Air circulation system:

Inhaling Ventilator

Model: YDW-4.5AL1

Outlet fan for option

Blower Capacity: 24000m3/h

Pressure: 800Pa

Rolling Speed: 900rpm

Power: 4 kw

Quantity: 2 sets

One set automatic damper, 10N actuator
Generator: slid upward side intake air; rare upward side exhaust; quadrate steel frame;
Air purification system: Pre-filter, high efficiency filter (ceiling filter), floor filter;
Heat system: stainless steel SUS304 heat exchanger, RIELLO G20 diesel burner one stage, heating capacity is
180000Kcal/h, electric damper from spraying to baking cycle; oil consumption 4~6L/set; the heating time is 5~7
Lighting system: ≥900Lux
◆Ceiling Lights: 8Groupsx3Pcs=24Pcs x36W
◆Side Lights: 8Groupsx2Pcs=16Pcs x20W
◆Glass: all glass is clear tempered glass.
Control box: Lighting switch, spraying, risen-temperature spraying, baking, baking temperature, time setting,
failure indicator, temperature controller, temperature limit controller, emergency stop,
breakdown alarm;
Total power: 10.5 KW

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