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Truck wheel aligner AA-WA380

  • AA-WA380



Truck wheel aligner Product  Features:

All-digital 8 beam CCD Wheel Aligner,Zigbee non-obstacle communication, LED electronic level

Double front axles adjustment, which solve the second axle tyre abrasion problem

Make measurement for multi-vehicle that includes various heavy trucks,semi-trailer, van,bus, trailer and tractor ect.

The sensor head structure designed accoring to truck chassis structure, it suits for truck’s long wheelbase and large steel rim.

Sensor heads could interchage, Caster real-time adjustment.

16 thousand vehicle data, and will upgrade half a year free.

Standard Configuration:


1 pc

HP Computer

1 pc

32’’ LCD Display

1 unit


1 pc

Sensor heads

4 pcs

29’’ alloy truck clamp

4 pcs

Mechanical truck turntable

2 pcs

Steering lock

1 pc

Pedal lock

1 pc



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