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Line Boring Machine For Main and Camshaft Bearings T8115VF/T8120VF/T8125VF

  • T8115VF/T8120VF/T8125VF



T8115VF Line Boring Machine

This kind of line boring machine is repairing machine tools with high efficiency and high precission,They can be used for boring master bushing and bushing of engine & generator's cylinder bodier in automobiles, tractors and ships etc. If necessary, the flywheel hub bore and bushing seat hole can be also finely bored, to be supplied with following accessories : accessories for centering, sectifying tool, measuring inner diameter, boring rod bracket, tool holder to increase diameter, boring tool micro-adjuster and for distance tool sectifying device can be provided with the main machine.

Main specifications





Range of hole diameter to be bored

Ф36-Ф150 mm

Ф36-Ф200 mm

Ф28-Ф225 mm

Max. length of cylinder body to be bored

1600 mm

2000 mm

2250 mm

Main shaft max elongation

300 mm

300 mm

300 mm

Main shaft rotating speed(stepless)

30-500 rpm

30-500 rpm

I: 30-150rpm; II: 93-467 rpm

Boring shaft feed

0.044, 0.167 mm/r

0.044, 0.167 mm/r

0.43; 0.085; 0.125 mm/r

Motor power

0.75/1.1 Kw

0.75/1.1 Kw

1.5 Kw

Overall dimension (L×W×H)

3500×800×1500 mm

3900×800×1500 mm

4382×650×1420 mm

Packing dimensions (L×W×H)

3650×1000×1600 mm

4040×1020×1600 mm

4040×1020×1700 mm


1900/2200 kg




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